CheckCarbonFacts is a social accountability platform on climate action by citizens, companies and government.

Humanity stands at a critical threshold in history. The decade, 2020 – 2030, has become the most crucial and decisive for the survival of the human race. Decisions and actions taken by government, companies, and citizens have a telling impact on whether or not mother earth tips over the cliff. The United Kingdom, Europe and other parts of the world are witnessing unprecedented weather events like heatwaves, wildfires, flooding, ocean surge, rapid deforestation, water salination, hurricanes, among others. These are undeniable manifestations of climate change. And if nothing is done within this decisive decade our generation and generations unborn will have no life to live. To avert doomsday, everyone – citizens, companies and government- must take urgent and significant actions now!

And energy is at the bull’s eye of this climate emergency.

Current reality is that we are all faced with rapidly changing systems and transformations in society and the way we live. This is the inevitable Energy Transition – mankind’s response to climate change. In this race to net zero, Science is the unequivocal lead. Policy is following behind even if hurdled by politics whether global or local. Companies are caught in catch up limps while Citizens are trailing far behind. This asymmetry of responses is a debilitating free-ride to nowhere. CheckCarbonFacts is therefore a deliberate design to disrupt this and turn the tide through accountable climate action by all and for all.

But how did we get here?

The weather events which have caused turmoil and ravaged parts of the world have been established as consequences of increased warming of the earth due to excessive trapping of Green House Gases (GHG), especially carbon, nitroxide and methane in the troposphere. This, in summary, is the simple explanation of climate change, which ironically, is a rather complex phenomenon. While science acknowledges that some of the increase in GHG is natural, most of it has been attributed to human activity like the burning of fossil fuels, certain agricultural practices, energy production and consumption, transportation, industrial activities like steel and cement manufacturing, among others which emit these gases and keep them trapped in the atmosphere at disproportionate levels. A continuance of these activities poses the greatest threat to the earth and has entrapped both current and unborn generations in a race against time.

CheckCarbonFacts is therefore set up to spur collective responsibility and mutual accountability on climate change. This vision is to get everyone genuinely involved in the race to save humanity. The mission is to foster inclusive climate change mitigation and adaptation through:

  • Countering disinformation and greenwashing;
  • Empowering sustainable purchasing and consumerism; and
  • Curtailing scope 3 emissions
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